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Introduction Bettylouise

I am a Senior Citzen. I have read all my life. Currently I an reading mostly mysteries. I like cozies. This web is new to me. Since I am looking my eyesight, I read mostly on my Kindle. I do have paperback books to read when my Kindle is charging. This year I decided to write reviews and have been putting them on Amazon and Goodreads.

I do not have a Facebook or Twitter accounts. I do have a Google+ one and belong to Yahoo reading groups. Married over 50 years. I do have a Bengal Cat named Kato who is now 11 years.

Recently I have found 3  New authors that I enjoy. One is Karen Musser Nortman. She has a camping series out. The first one is BATS AND BONES. The one I like is THE BLUE COYOTE. The other one is PEETE AND REPETE.

I will discuss the other later.

A Truth For, A Truth

A Truth For a Truth - Emilie Richards

The Ministry is Murder is a excellent cozy series. This book is#5 in the series. You can read it as a stand alone. Aggie is married to Unitarian Minister Ed and is not an average minister wife. She manages to attract trouble with out trying. Very often relatives or friends are suspects in the murder. Aggie tries to clear them of suspicion. 
This visit we find Ed preparing to conduct a funeral service for Godwin Dorchester. The church is full of lilies and Ed has allergic reaction to them. The service is stopped when the corners wants to do an autopsy. It determine that Win was poison and his wife Hildy is main suspect. Maggie is determined to prove she not guilty.