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Introduction Bettylouise

I am a Senior Citzen. I have read all my life. Currently I an reading mostly mysteries. I like cozies. This web is new to me. Since I am looking my eyesight, I read mostly on my Kindle. I do have paperback books to read when my Kindle is charging. This year I decided to write reviews and have been putting them on Amazon and Goodreads.

I do not have a Facebook or Twitter accounts. I do have a Google+ one and belong to Yahoo reading groups. Married over 50 years. I do have a Bengal Cat named Kato who is now 11 years.

Recently I have found 3  New authors that I enjoy. One is Karen Musser Nortman. She has a camping series out. The first one is BATS AND BONES. The one I like is THE BLUE COYOTE. The other one is PEETE AND REPETE.

I will discuss the other later.

Death By Ice Cream

Death By Ice Cream: 1 (Pismawallops PTA Mysteries) - Rebecca M Douglass

This is a new series and a new author for me. Her characters caught my attention in the first chapter. I found I didn't wanted to put the book down. The Pismawallop's PTA board is meeting to decide what to do about an unwanted commenters, Litita. She is causing a lot of trouble and they are looking other volunteers. The next at the Ice Cream sale her body is found in the freezer. An effort is made to frame the protagonist, JJ.
IN realizes that she has not seen or heard from husband in a long time. Allencalls her and tells her he wants a divorce and custody of their 15 year old son. More problems when JJ and Kitty find that the computer has been reformatted leaving a week to get ready to print. The island has only two police to solve the case.
I looking forward to the next adventure.

Full Disclosure: I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway