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Introduction Bettylouise

I am a Senior Citzen. I have read all my life. Currently I an reading mostly mysteries. I like cozies. This web is new to me. Since I am looking my eyesight, I read mostly on my Kindle. I do have paperback books to read when my Kindle is charging. This year I decided to write reviews and have been putting them on Amazon and Goodreads.

I do not have a Facebook or Twitter accounts. I do have a Google+ one and belong to Yahoo reading groups. Married over 50 years. I do have a Bengal Cat named Kato who is now 11 years.

Recently I have found 3  New authors that I enjoy. One is Karen Musser Nortman. She has a camping series out. The first one is BATS AND BONES. The one I like is THE BLUE COYOTE. The other one is PEETE AND REPETE.

I will discuss the other later.

Jailhouse Glock

Jailhouse Glock (A Dead Sister Talking Mystery #2) - Lizbeth Lipperman
Vineyard Police Station is invaded by outsiders and 2 prisoners are shot. All evidence points to Maddy Garica, a rookie police officer who was in charge of the office. Maddy receives a phone call and she sees a picture of her daughter, Jessie with a gun pointed at her head. Maddy is told to due what she is ordered to do or her daughter will be shot. A cash deposit of $ 25,000 dollars appears in Maddy's bank account. There is evidence of a piece of an expensive jewlery that is missing.
The 6 Garica sister's are investigating in order to clear one of their own from criminal charges. Tessa who is dead appears to Maddy as comes to help her sister in time of trouble. Maddy strapped for cash rents out her upstairs rooms for enough money for lawyer's retainer. Jake is a questionable character and Maddy wonders if she did the right thing by renting to him. This book has enough twists and turns to keep the readers interest and is difficult to decide who are good or bad guys until the end. There are some subplots that are left dangling for the next book. This I the first time I have read this series; it won't be the last.

Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from Netgalley for an honest review.