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Introduction Bettylouise

I am a Senior Citzen. I have read all my life. Currently I an reading mostly mysteries. I like cozies. This web is new to me. Since I am looking my eyesight, I read mostly on my Kindle. I do have paperback books to read when my Kindle is charging. This year I decided to write reviews and have been putting them on Amazon and Goodreads.

I do not have a Facebook or Twitter accounts. I do have a Google+ one and belong to Yahoo reading groups. Married over 50 years. I do have a Bengal Cat named Kato who is now 11 years.

Recently I have found 3  New authors that I enjoy. One is Karen Musser Nortman. She has a camping series out. The first one is BATS AND BONES. The one I like is THE BLUE COYOTE. The other one is PEETE AND REPETE.

I will discuss the other later.

Home For A Spell

Home for a Spell  - Madelyn Alt Maggie accepts the unwelcome news that she must wear her cast for another 4 weeks and decides it is time to look for a new apartment. Stephanie is marrying and moving out of town. Marcus is starting classes. She finds an apartment and returning Marcus to sign the leash; they finds the manager dead. Because computers are involved Tom asked Marcus to help with the investigation. Maggie answer the question who and why the manger was killed.